Chinese investment and cooperation projects Dandong-City Loving Association Free of charge to helping foreign investors in China's development. We are the Dandong-City Loving association of a charitable organization in China, Have 30,000 members who specialize in good deeds and charity. Here we are free to helping foreign investors in China looking for good investment projects and Helping investors to inspect the project, staff, planning, to ensure safety that the benefit of investors. Welcome to use. We will be very glad to helping you and welcome to counselling. Good Item:Global Chain Physiatrics Hospital The main Equipment of Haihua Global Chain Physiatrics Hospital, Is used of most modern innovative thinking and ideas , advanced scientific and technological means, focus the domestic and foreign experts to made out of Haihua Therapeutic Apparatus CD-9X6,and to pass the International standard quality system certification ISO 9002, Its a international quality and the first in the world of equipment with treatment and health care . The main treatment means of the device was used the devices software and hardware systems-based of Haihua Global Chain Physiatrics Hospital, its enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad and very popular , bring about a Green therapy of without needles to make acupuncture , without pots to cupping, without hand to massage. For some diseases ,can be effect On one time and very significant effect for some diseases of chronic and complexs. Especially to use on the human body to carry out physiotherapy for regular,can improve your physique, immune function,to be achieved intention of fitness, weight loss, beauty, preventing diseases etc.. Face of the twenty-one century, Haihua gave mankind a most precious gift thats opened up a road of healthy, beautiful and wealthy for you. This is the group headquarters wiill be developing "Haihua Global Chain Physiatrics Hospital" at the whole world , There are plans ,with condithions investment in the global to establish a chain of physiatrics hospital. At present, Haihua Global Chain Physiatrics Hospital is the first in the world. Its set with an ideal therapy, fitness, weight loss, beauty functions as a whole, already become a modern of human long-lasting consumer services. Haihua Global Chain Physiatrics Hospital is a investment foucs with a Little investment,No risk,High profit and have great development potential, A Cooperation projects of Franchise and The first in the world . Welcome the people who have foresight and sagacity, holds the rare opportunity, to be Co-operation to create a Group of Global Chain Physiatrics Hospital. Contact: Mbl:13941501622 Tel:86-415-2815808 Fax:86-415-2830518